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By Laurie Searle
Laurie SearleAs a trainer and yoga teacher, I know how important it is to mix things up to keep your muscles and mind from getting bored. We all know how hard it is to connect with friends and family so this work out is for the busy mom to feel the burn and have fun while connecting with loved ones.

Happy hour yoga. Don’t get alarmed. It’s not what you are thinking.

Take one hour. I know. I don’t have one either. But after you do some back and forth with favorite people, your family or girlfriends, lock into a date and keep this as a weekly commitment to yourself and your peeps and take that hour to down dog, strength train, dance it out and crunch some abs. It will keep yourself and those around you accountable.

Get together for a fit fete that is fun and fabulous and most of all, memorable. You don’tt have to worry about where to park or what to wear.

It’s actually really easy to do in light of the craziness and changes that are happening so fast this time of year.

Put it on your iCal as a regular appointment you have for yourself as a must do to bond with your baby, hubby, bestie and move your bod for strength and stretch.

Forget the gym, the fancy accouterments of the hottest new studio that no one will be talking about in three months and just get down to business. Put it on your iCal as a regular appointment you have for yourself as a must do to bond with your baby, hubby, bestie and move your bod for strength and stretch.

You’ll be ahead of the trend because you are part of the change, the shift, the crest of the wave of fitness that is bringing you back to your core and working your core with your core people AND having fun.

You’re the tallest mark on the wall and having a ball.

If you find the time to do this you will find more time to take in what’s really happening around you – a successful career and family and body that has the energy to keep up with it all.

Happy Hour is a fantastic feel-good way to have fun and it’s whatever you want it to be because you are being proactively healthy. Whether it’s a graduation, bachelorette birthday, kids away at a sleepover or any day to celebrate YOU, a sweaty soiree is just an hour away and filled with heart pumping, muscle strengthening, energetic stretching and most importantly, rejuvenating laughter and maybe a little gossip. Make the commitment to yourself and get your happy hour on!

Give it a try. It’s the wave of the future and you’re in for the ride! So, buckle up, get the kids to school and make the plan. It’s a new school year, it’s a new day, it’s a new life and you’ll feel so good!

Laurie Searle has been teaching yoga and fitness training for almost two decades. She runs teacher trainings through the Sphota Yoga School and syndicates her comic strip, Lady Yoga, Superhero in magazines nationally. Making yoga and fitness accessible to all, Laurie’s first superhero how to book will be published in 2014. to book your next Happy hour!


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