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Academic Achievers

Strong scholars, high scores, and great schools: academic achievement is our passion.

At Academic Achievers, our mission is to give students the tools to thrive in school, to conquer exams and to love learning every day of their lives.

Academic Achievers Educational Services offers one-on-one, in-home or in-facility private tutoring for pre-K through college applications including award-winning test prep and educational specialists.

Academic Achievers Academy is a one-to-one homeschool in Santa Monica for grades K-8.

All Academic Achievers tutors have an average of 10 years teaching experience and a consistent track record of improving student scores. We choose only the best to help your students excel.

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Private In Home Tutoring

Private In Home Tutoring

Nathan VanderVeer-Harris graduated from UCLA last year and is now working in his lab at UCLA, applying to medical school, and tutoring full time. He has over three years of experience tutoring elementary, middle, and high school students and feels very confident in establishing approachable learning styles that meet the needs of each one of his students. He is committed to ensuring that he knows the subject material at depth with practice problems before meeting each session. His goal is to help your child comprehend the material and test well.

He also helps write and edit essays for grammar, strength and clarity for any subject. For all courses and schools, he guarantees his clients' higher academic achievement for examinations and homework assignments!

 A-List Tutoring Services

The A-List Tutoring Services

Schedule tutoring for APs and finals today. The A-List offers in-home academic tutoring in all subjects/levels, test prep and admissions consulting.

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team tutors

Team Tutors

Team Tutors provides private, one-on-one tutoring in the student’s home. We customize our programs to meet each student’s needs ages Kindergarten – 12th grade.  Our experienced tutors, educational therapists and test prep specialists work with students to reinforce skills and master challenging concepts.  We build organization and study skills into the sessions so students can improve their executive functioning skills.  Our goal is to help students gain confidence and become more successful and independent learners

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