Month: April 2015

French Roast Steak with 10 Minute Marinade

Makes about 2/3 cup
French Roast SteakThis simple and quick marinade combined with a tender French Roast steak or a thin steak is always a family pleaser. Serve with roasted vegetables, potatoes or rice and your smallest food critic will be asking for seconds. (more…)

Change Your No’s to Yes’s

If we create a rhythm with our children based on negative behavior, such as focusing on the NO’s in life, and the ‘you can’t do that’ and the ‘you’re being a bad boy or girl’ then eventually that combination of thoughts and beliefs will get stored into their subconscious mind.

By Todd Kurpil
Todd KurpilIn this day and age we are waking up to the idea that how we treat ourselves is how we treat our children. We realize that our attitude and state of mind strongly influence our children’s behavior. We see that however compassionate, kind and loving we are to ourselves will carry over into how we treat our children. We also see how anger, depression and fear can carry over into our children. This is called Parent Suggestion. Our children see us, hear us and feel us when they are around us, and all of this information gets stored in the basket of their subconscious mind. (more…)

Get Rid of Your Leg Veins

By Dr. Ivan Brooks
Ivan BrooksQ: Is there a way to really get rid of my leg veins?
A: Yes. Of course with a comprehensive ultra sound evaluation we are able to direct treatment options to the specific area in need. Generally treatment is geared to each patients needs thus ensuring a desirable outcome.

Q: Is the treatment painful? Is there any downtime?
A: The treatment is not painful. It just requires a local anesthetic and minimal down time as far as exercising of lower extremities only. Patients are encouraged to walk immediately post procedure and continue regular daily activities. (more…)