Month: February 2015

12th Annual Summer Camp and Teen Program Fair

By Jill Levin
JillCamp provides a positive opportunity for growth that should not be underestimated. For this reason, camp can be an integral part of a child’s educational and social development. For the first time, kids leave their homes and deal with peers who may have different values or behaviors. They learn to make choices for themselves and to negotiate and resolve conflict. They learn to deal with stress in a socially acceptable manner. They learn to assess and differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behavior and in this way ultimately gain a stronger sense of self. And camp provides the backdrop for this personal growth in a safe and secure environment. (more…)

Reenergizing Your Heart

By Shiva Rose
Shiva RoseValentine’s Day is almost upon us and for some who are not in relationships it is a good time to focus on reenergizing their heart energy. It can also be a way to nourish us, as mamas since we are constantly giving and creating love for our children. Flower essences work in very subtle ways, but are truly powerful in cultivating deep work.

Flower essences are infusions of flowers in water that can promote spiritual and emotional healing and help with imbalances. The essences are basically imprints of the energy of certain flowers. I have seen subtle but remarkable shifts when taking an essence over time. (more…)