Month: January 2015

Getting Kids Organized in the New Year

By Nathalie Kunin
Nathalie KuninAs our children will be starting the second semester of the school year, it’s important to get them back in the mode and organized. If their backpacks are overflowing, their work spaces are piled high and their homework gets left behind most mornings, your child may need an organizational overhaul. The following tips are designed for parents to help get things back on track, no matter what your child’s age. (more…)

How to Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System

By Jane Sheppard
Jane SheppardBoosting immunity can reduce the number of colds, flu and other infections, and your child will more easily be able to recover from illness. With a strong immune system, you can avoid antibiotics or other medications, and your child will be less likely to experience chronic issues such as asthma, allergies, and chronic ear infections.

Children are continually exposed to many different types of bacteria and viruses, including colds and flu. This is actually healthy for the immune system, since immunity develops by being exposed to germs and dealing with illnesses. Recovering safely from childhood diseases helps to build immunity even stronger – so getting sick is not necessarily a bad thing. During an illness, you can help the immune system by boosting its ability to handle the disease rather than suppressing the symptoms with drugs. The CureChild program teaches how to safely help your children recover from illness. (more…)