Month: May 2014

One Stop Shop for Moms

By Bella Miranda
Bella MirandaBella Miranda, CEO and founder of Elm Baby, a one-stop-shopping experience where you can find natural, safe and organic products for maternity, parents and baby. Bella travels the world finding the most unique products so that you don’t have to! (more…)

Mother’s Day Timeout

By Laurie Searle
Laurie SearleWhen I think of Mother’s day I immediately think of my mother, not my friends who are moms or myself even though I feel like a mom to so many people. Taking care of others is a selfless act and my mother is the definition of selfless. She puts everyone else first even over her own personal wins or losses. She will listen to my sisters and I ad nauseum and never say a word if we don’t ask how her day went. So, on Mother’s day, us kids (um, adults) think of every possible pampering routine we can imagine to take her away from caring for others so that she can solely focus on herself. (more…)

Happy Mom, Happy Home

By Shirin Yadegar
Shirin YadegarHappy Mother’s Day to all of you fabulous overworked, under appreciated devoted moms. It’s true that nothing is more important than our families. Childbirth is forgotten. Toddler tantrums and tween outbursts are in the past and all we focus on is providing a nurturing healthy life for our families.

How do we provide a healthy and nurturing environment for our families? It all starts with us. Happy mom happy home. (more…)