Month: September 2013

Gain Confidence in Math

Tips on how to improve your child’s math scores.

By Angela John
Angela JohnSchool is starting and your child will be embarking on new learning adventures. Each year, as your child advances in math, the curriculum continues to build upon itself. Starting the school year with a solid math foundation is crucial to succeeding.

We believe that “mathing” year round with your kids is just as important as reading to them. Students should engage regularly in age appropriate math-related tasks to keep their computational skills and numerical fluency fresh and on point. Cooking (working with units of measure, ratio, and proportion), shopping (calculating percentages and making change) and playing math games are all acceptable activities. Get creative! (more…)

Back to School Schedules

How to keep your family connected during a hectic school year.

By Shirin Yadegar
Shirin YadegarBack to school schedules are tedious and exhausting. Driving two kids to two separate activities after school is nearly impossible, but somehow we manage. In the midst of all the chaos, we many times fail to connect with our children. Instead, we are rushing them to eat a snack and get changed into their dance, gymnastics or athletic wear in the back seat. We rush them to after school activities and tutors because they have begged and we have coerced them. So by the time everyone gets home, showers and completes homework there is either a meltdown or pure exhaustion. (more…)

Staying Healthy During the School Year

Are your children prepared to return to school?

By Peter S. Waldstein, M.D., F.A.A.P and Julia A. White, M.D., F.A.A.P
JuliaBack to school time is upon us, which is a great opportunity to make sure your child is ready from a health perspective. There are new requirements this year for adolescents for vaccines. It is also a great time to refresh on illness prevention while being at school.

Staying Healthy
Maintaining proper health begins at home. Back to school time is a good excuse to refamiliarize your children on the importance of hand washing at home and school. Most illness is spread through contact, and hand washing has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to prevent your child from becoming ill while at school. (more…)