Month: January 2013

Healthy Skin in 2013

Tips on healthy skin for the New Year.

By Rebecca Casper
Rebecca CasperQ: How do I take care of my skin in dry, cold weather?
A: More exfoliation and more hydration. Enzymes and Hydroxy acids are the best. Stay away from harsh polishing beads that can actually make dehydration more intense and contribute to aging skin. Indoor heating systems literally suck the hydration out of our skin, so we need to remember drink more water as well. If you don’t already, now is a good time to start taking a blend of Essential Fatty Acids, like Omegas, to help keep your skin vibrant from the inside out.

Q: What is the best way to get quick results?
A: STICK TO A PROGRAM. Consistency is key–just like going to the gym. To get quick results and lasting results seek professional guidance and then stay with it. (more…)

Is your child getting a good education?

Five Easy Ways to Ensure Your Child Gets a Quality Education

By Kevin Chaveous
By Kevin ChaveousAmong many school leaders, the ‘crazy parents’ are the bane of their existence. Crazy parents are the ones who are always at the school, questioning the staff about things and sometimes stretching the limits by obnoxiously fighting for their child. As young parents consider how to best provide a quality education for their children, they need to adopt many of the ‘crazy parent’ approaches, minus the obnoxiousness.

All parents want their child to receive a quality education, and in today’s ever-changing educational landscape there is no shortage of options. From public schools and private schools to charter and parochial schools, parents have lots of choices. But no matter the type of school, how do you really ensure that your child is getting a good education? (more…)

The Benefits of Summer Camp

By Jill Levin
Jill LevinFor the past 11 years I have been a summer camp advisor helping families find great summer programs for their children. Parents want to find the best summer program and be ensured that their children have the most enjoyable and rewarding experience possible.

However, when your child steps off the bus after spending weeks away at a sleepover camp or teen program, it is almost inevitable that he or she will have changed. They will have experienced new opportunities, made new friends, have had increased responsibilities, and faced new and exciting challenges. Let’s look at some of what your child has experienced and how it might be incorporated into the rest of the year. (more…)

Getting in Shape for the New Year

By Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke
The holidays and all the celebratory feasting are behind us, which means we need to get in shape and make 2013 a positive year. Lots of women work out daily and watch their weight, but after several pregnancies find themselves at a loss. They complain that their breasts are small and saggy. They complain that no matter how many crunches they do, their tummies are loose. So when do you know if your a candidate for surgery or if you really can work out those inches. (more…)